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cted, just as▓ an athlete develops the muscles of his limbs at● the expense of his heart muscles ▓ Ce

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rtainly; I accept the an●alogy.We have increased our fighting eff▓iciency, and have paid for it by int

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ernal wea●kening.I repeat that there was no other way, i●f we ever were to pass from the n●atural



to the money system.This would be the ri▓ght time to employ the credit thus secure●d for internal strengthening.But the war has up●set our calculations and not

Whatever you want to happen, happens

only has it consum●ed our cash reserves, but will also c●ompel us to make new sacrifices.We are in the p●osition of a man who is still out of breath f●rom running, but must begin running anew i▓n order to save

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his life, and may only too easil●y get a stroke of apoplexy. Has not the i▓ndustrial development in the western par●t of the country strengthened the national f▓inances No; on the

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